The Italian manufacturer Sampierana Group is a manufacturer for:

1. . Eurocomach excavators, mini excavators / mini excavators with a weight between 1 and 10 tons.

Eurocomach mini-excavators are noted for their versatility and high degree of customization.

A range of compact and powerful machines, designed to guarantee excellent performance on any site.

2. Eurocomach skid steer loader

With an operating weight of between 1,800 kg and 4,350 kg, Eurocomach compact loaders are ideal for handling construction materials and for working with the most varied equipment, or accessories for construction equipment.

3. Eurocomach skid track loaders

Eurocomach compact loaders, with operating loads between 3500 kg and 5480 kg, move with agility and safety in any field. They offer comfort and visibility at the classroom level, combining extreme maneuverability and unmatched versatility.

4. Track of excavators / mobile crushers / various applications (rollers, track chains, drive wheels)

The pair of senile carriages is the simplest product leaving our production department and is an important basis for many projects and applications.
Due to its implicit flexibility, this type of product is used for machines such as crushers, excavators, finishers and cranes, but also in all applications that require a track base, both in agriculture and in industry.