The Garbin equipment model TZ 25/50 trencher is useful for digging ditches on vegetal soil, with three-point fastening on agricultural tractors with a maximum recommended power of 60 hp. TZ 25/50 comes equipped with a multiplier to guarantee a speed of approx. 0.3 km / h with engine at operating speed, with power take-off at 540 rpm. The TZ 25/50 digging unit is delivered complete with PTO shaft with disc torque limiter, two flexible hydraulic hoses for lifting cylinder digging bar, digging tools for different widths. Suitable for digging with depths between 90-110cm; digging width 15-25cm; unloading material dug outside the ditch with the help of the helical auger. This equipment is used successfully in the case of extension works of irrigation networks, excavations for extension of fiber optic networks, extension of gas connections, electrical networks.

Garbin equipment, model TZ 70/100 trencher,optimal for digging in compact soil, virgin, or heavy terrain, which must be applied on the tractor elevator, as long as it is configured with sufficiently slow feed and mechanical power take-off at 540 rpm 1 ″ 3 / 8 with 6 grooves. This equipment is designed for deep digging, between 120-140cm and digging widths between 20-43cm.

This Italian manufacturer is a manufacturer of digging equipment FIBER 400, FIBER 540, or FIBER 630, self-propelled equipment, Kubota engine. This equipment can be used for street digging, or on sidewalks, when ditches of various sizes must be made for burial. fiber optics, electrical installations, or gas and water supply expansion of localities, especially in urban areas.