Road surface maintenance equipment such as sweepers for the maintenance and cleaning of roads, yards, internal and external surfaces. Milling machines for working on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Construction equipment, such as levelers for soil preparation and leveling, buckets for mixing aggregates and preparing concrete, etc.

Snow clearing equipment such as snow turbines, snow plows, snow plow blades, used to clean roads, parking lots, internal courtyards, institutional courtyards, etc.

GF Gordini also produces equipment such as:

  • augers for poles or trees,
  • thin vegetation trencher,
  • forest vegetation trench,
  • brushes for road maintenance and cleaning,
  • pliers for collecting logs,
  • branches or plant remains,
  • retro excavator arms with attachments for skid loaders or tractors
  • agricultural.

GF Gordini produces over thirty attachments, in different versions, applicable to skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, excavators, telescopic handlers.