Simex offers a wide range of solutions for repairing street beds, or sidewalks with equipment / attachments such as PL self-leveling milling cutters, milling wheels for PLB and PHD excavators, or ST asphalt graders.

Simex offers a range of equipment for predefined underground excavations such as fiber optic networks, underground electrical networks, drinking water networks, etc.

Simex equipment can be used successfully in mining quarries, mining works, or underground tunnel construction.

Simex equipment is used successfully in demolition work. Due to the high productivity, reliability and ease with which they can be moved to the same location or to different locations, these equipments are ideal in all those situations where larger machines cannot be used.

Simex equipment, such as TF milling heads, for example, can be used on construction sites where infrastructure works are being carried out, such as road and rail tunnels, port and maritime works, foundation construction and bulkhead profiling, scarification of layers. damaged concrete in tunnels and / or in the walls of artificial canals.

Simex equipment can also be used for applications in agriculture and forestry: CHD chain excavators allow, for example, interventions such as small excavations with a predefined section in natural soil for irrigation networks or excavations for laying fences. . Equipment such as TF milling heads can be used to process surfaces with a high rock content, being equipped with special teeth, to remove hubs and roots. Buckets for modifying VSE granulation can sift certain types of natural soil, creating material with the ideal size for making substrates for different types of turf or for growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses.