Uemme produces a complete range of graders, essential to prepare the base for asphalt laying and to create surfaces on which to build a road or where to pour concrete (sheds, houses, infrastructures and everything for which a precise flat surface is required). Our graders are used successfully in combination with laser leveling systems.

The snow blowers of “Yeti” range (“STD” and “HD” series) are double stage frontal blowers developed for skid steer loaders, backhoe and wheel loaders, and telescopic handlers, ideal to remove effectively and easily large quantity of snow without damaging the road surface. Available in various models and completely customisable.

Uemme produces a complete range of road sweepers with and without collection buckets:

  • “Manta” line (Mini, STD, HD, FG, I) with collection bucket and coupling possibilities to skid steer loaders, backhoe and wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, excavators, agricultural tractors and forklifts.
  • The angle broom “Pantera”without collection bucket (3 models: 2100, 2400 and 2600 mm. width) with 560 mm. Ø brushes and its little sister “Lince” with multipurpose linkage system for skid-steer loaders or excavators and brushes with enlarged section to 750 mm. diameter.
  • The revolutionary “Manta Solar” broom designed and developed for cleaning solar panels and all other sloping or vertical smooth surfaces.
  • Our range of shredders includes the frontal shredders “Scorpion” series (standard equipped with hammers and mechanical side shift) and bidirectional bush cutters “TT” series (available for excavators and backhoe loaders’ arms) provided by 3 double cut knives.
  • The hydraulic backhoes’ arms produced by Uemme are the result of wide experience gained in the field of mechanical and hydraulic engineering. Over the years the range of products has been joined by new high performance models of backhoes for both agricultural and industrial sectors, achievement of application of the latest techniques and production processes.